Would You Like to Start Crushing it with Your Ideal Customer or Prospect on Social Media? – Adele Booth

Would You Like to Start Crushing it with Your Ideal Customer or Prospect on Social Media?

Of course you'd like to attract your perfect customer using Social Media?

Want to know 3 Golden Rules that will instantly start you getting better results?

Social media is really powerful for your business if you do it the right way.  

1. Adopt the mindset of giving first on social media.

You want to avoid approaching social media with the mind set that you just want to take and not give.

You post an offer and you expect someone to buy, ''give me the money now'' attitude!!!. You want to avoid this. This is salesy and spammy. No one likes to buy from someone who is like this.

Stop doing it.

Reverse this thinking and you’ll be on the way to being respected, finding your perfect customer and more results.

Adopt the mindset where you are giving.

Let’s take those people that never want to do facebook lives, don’t want to post blogs and can’t be bothered with giving people help and valuable information.

This is the biggest mistake and the wrong mindset for any business, network marketer and anyone advertising on social media.

So if you aren’t going to give valuable content and put yourself out there...Then this is not for you. You will not succeed in business and you will not be trusted. People will run a mile from you.

This attitude does not show your customers that you want to care for them and value them, you will not be showing that you give and provide a service for them. So...being in Business is NOT for you unless you change and learn the right ways to being authentic truthful and trustworthy.

There has never been a more powerful tool when it comes to making a difference to people’s lives and reaching a wider amount of people on social media whatever platform you choose.

If you are not creating videos or content sharing what can help people’s lives...well you are being selfish and you will not see results in your business. You will not succeed.

View Social Media as the tool that connects you, by giving to people, those people who are open to receive what you have to help them will come to you.

Every time you engage in conversation without asking for anything in return, you are inspiring and reaching out and giving your value...you are building your relationship with people. Then when they do present something that costs money they will trust in you as you have given them so much free value that they will have no problem in buying a product from you when they need it.

So change your mindset to giving first..

2. Be more Unique, be You.

Change the way your mentors or up-line are doing things, to putting your personality and passion into your content. Be conversational and Unique, don’t mimic them. 

The worst thing you can do is copy and paste the same messages. Your followers and potential customers have probably seen the same words before, or may use the search engine if they do research themselves on the same question they need answering. Last thing they want to see is you copying.

Don’t make an offer right up front to someone you don’t know. This is spammy and salesy and rude.  There is no way that person is going to take you up on it without knowing more about you. They’ll avoid everything else you send through after that first message. They’ll run away.

It’s a waste of both of your time.

Don’t send long long messages to them either. Nothing worse than a long message and then a link to a promotion at the end!

It’s not being respectful and it’s not getting to know them.

If you want to get to know someone. Don’t fake it. Don’t do the whole thing of where do you live, are you single, what do you do for a living...blah blah.

Why would anyone reply to you? They don’t know you, why would they tell you stuff up front?...Have some respect. Can you remember a time when this has happened to you and how you felt?

If they have come to you, and they have commented on a post and asked you a question then engage. Always thank them for their comment and ask them for their experience. Just be upfront and make them feel valuable, get that balance. Ask them what they think you could help with.

​​​​3. Are you relying too much on Social Media?

Facebook is fab, have you ever thought you maybe hiding behind it too much and never willing to actually engage in one to one conversations, lives and building relationships??

Of course balance is key again...don’t hassle people if you see they have seen your message and haven’t replied or responded...give them some space. It maybe that they are not interested or they’d like to use a different method of communication like skype or take it offline??? Switch your approach if you do have other ways to make contact make these clear and give choices.

Questions like...What’s new in your life, of what’s going on with you...are good. If they ask back what you are doing then briefly describe what you do...don’t go on an on and be salesy. Never ask a stranger to a call.

To round it all up then:

  1. Adopt the mindset of giving first
  2. Be You and Unique
  3. Don’t rely totally on Social Media

I hope that you found these rules helpful? Leave a comment or question if you would like to and I’ll get back to you.

I wish you Success in You Life and Business.


Adele Booth

Adele helps new and developing Network, Affiliate and Business Marketers with valuable up-to-date training and support so that you can achieve a sustainable income and lifestyle you want.

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