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What Do You Do when You and Your Upline Disagree about How to Use the Internet to Build.

It’s common to have your upline disagree with you if you talk about or choose a different path, or method of building your business. It can make for a very uncomfortable time for you.

Marketing has changed Massively since 1980’s 90’s or early 2000’s. Every leader monitors their recruits and checks the volume of work, calls and emails daily to evaluate how things are going.

Many leaders still use old school methods of offline methods to recruit to sell and some bring these online too!

I’ve even heard people say...building a business online doesn’t work!

Ridiculous right?

These are leaders who stay in their old ways and do not learn the latest cutting edge online marketing methods, so are clueless.

There are leaders who are smashing it with Attraction Marketing on Social Media, we all know that…

Just flick through any Social Media platform and see for yourself.

Of Course, We all want to know the best way to market, that Magic Formula...the one that is the most effective, fastest and with the least amount of work.

Nobody can say which ONE is the BEST in the world of Network Marketing... and you know what influences that?

You got it...YOU.

You are unique in your strengths, weaknesses, experiences, abilities, needs, wants and desires.

So...You are also going to have to figure out what's going to work for you in TODAY’s world…

Do your research and go with what aligns with you, who you want to be and what you want your business to grow into.

Your upline may have built a while ago and may have success. They may use Old school cold calling, and prospecting Family and friends, do home meetings and hotel events and recruits strangers like you??? 

It’s not for me, but it maybe the way your upline is doing it.

This is your business, not your uplines, so if they really are not ok with this, it may cause you stress and confusion??? Maybe you should join an organisation that uses and supports the methods that align with you?

I’ve been in that position and felt uncomfortable myself. I even said...there is no way I am going to be a pushy salesperson, spammer, do meetings, hundreds of calls, pester family and friends...I did it for a week and I felt awful...so can you imagine how those that do it for years end up feeling, no wonder people get overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious and want to quit with all the long hours and rejection.

I’ve always been a person who first pays attention to how I feel, what my body tells me...You know those signs and symptoms that kick off when we get nervous and stressed? 

It’s usually one of 2 things??? Fear, or this is not right for me, and if it isn’t, then I have to evaluate and look at another solution.

I’m a helper through and through, I like Attraction Marketing because it’s about building relationships first.  I can be me, genuine. It feels right.

I allow people to come to me rather than the other way round. It’s their decision to ask for my help. I am very happy with that.

The other factors for me are:

  • I can remain self employed and my own boss.
  • Do this from home in the hours that suit me.
  • I make money.
  • Help teach others achieve their business journey.
  • Be apart of inspiring others in the Industry.

Here’s the essential steps we use in Attraction Marketing which I and countless 6-7 figure earners use to continue to grow our businesses.

I’ve Identified who my ideal person is... who wants what you have.

Then I speak to them providing content that solves their problems.

They then come to me. Interested in my mentorship, products or opportunity, they follow me through the content I give.

I never never chase, try to convince, spam, pester or plague people.

I attract through leadership skills by providing valuable content and effective marketing.

I have a serve and help mindset.

I would hate to sit on the phone all day pitch and cold call. Never done that.

I have my website, funnels and emails automated so the system sells for me.

If people ask for a call it’s because they have questions, and they ask to speak to me. 

I have a filtering questionnaire for everyone to ensure that they are a right fit not just for them but me too.

My focus is building and mastering my skills but also putting me out there and building my relationships and reputation.

This I know needs consistency. Everyday contact with my following/network. This is in the content I put out there on Social Media Posts and emails.

Reputation and following = Brand and is only built over time.

Be the inspirational leader and person you want to be.

Let's be realistic...90% of people who find you will say no.

I know I’m not right for everyone, even if I know I can solve their problems, it’s their choice. If they don’t choose me,I don’t feel rejected cos I really only do want those people who Choose me, resonate with me. I was where they once were making that choice of who I wanted training me.

This is how Ferny, my mentor made 1.1 million in one year. Wow! right?

There are enough people for everyone that we can help and people will resonate with you and not me or Ferny. People find people to fit with.

I am inspired by all my mentors...they are masters of Network Marketing and they want to serve not only people and building their businesses but they raise the standards in the whole of the Industry, raising awareness of Attract Marketing and doing away with spammers and contacting strangers.

They influence me to want to do the same…

It would be awesome to continually attract leaders like me to me. Like I was attracted to them.

I’m not being a big head or saying this is the best way...this is one way it works.

I’m working towards mastering the skills and reach my financial goals. I’ll never go back to having a boss. I am my own boss and work the hours that suit me.

I don’t bug people, spam them, don’t do calls or talk to strangers or meetings...that’s suits me…

I’m just building my network and my figures are nowhere near Fernys...he literally has 300-500 networkers sign up to his email list every day! 

Generating 10-50 customers a day and you can see how this would grow a business and have an impact.

His Blueprint is outlined here in the 10 day online bootcamp which will teach you the art of ‘Attraction Marketing,’ specific to your needs.

These techniques you’ll be exposed to are being adopted by many of the industry’s newest 7-figure producers.

They might work for you, or you may have more luck building the old school way.

All you can do is study what I have to share and see for yourself, by clicking here to sign up for free.

If what you are doing right now is working great for you, then that’s cool too. I’m happy for your success.

With enough effort and commitment, anything can work.

Wishing you success in your life and business.

Adele Booth

Inspired and adapted from a blog shared by Ferny. CMO.


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