Stand Out on Social Media! Create a Lasting Impact Using these 2 Key Components. – Adele Booth

Stand Out on Social Media! Create a Lasting Impact Using these 2 Key Components.

Are you currently learning how to grow your Business Online?

It’s noisy out there on Social Media, isn’t it?

So much competition, access 24/7 and it’s expected that 3 billion people will be on Social Media by 2021, that’s 40% of the population. Facebook has 2.2 Billion Users!

How do we know who to trust?

It can be complicated and confusing for everyone, the general public and businesses when there are also Social Media Rules and Policies to comply with. 

How do you know exactly what you should be doing to reach the right people and get them to come to you for your products and services?

If you are building Online you will have experienced it’s not just about being excited about your amazing products and putting photos out there…

You need to stand out from all those others that have equally as good and beneficial products, Plus, without coming across all salesy.

Believe me, I can’t sell a thing and don’t want to be that spammy pushy salesperson or cold caller.

So, Yes…You still have to sell but there is a better, more effective way.

Develop these key components and you’ll be able to create a lasting impact on people who will want to come to you.

It’s easy to get bogged down with the technical aspects of your business. It happens to the best of us, myself included but there is something else that is far more important.

I remember when I had to apply for a position as A Trainee Hearing Aid Technician even though I was a Qualified Hearing Therapist with the National Health Service..My contract was not being renewed due to lack of funding…so I had to go into the private sector.

I went for the interview and one of the questions was…

’’Sell this pen.’’ 

A classic right?… but I had had no sales experience and had never heard of that question before, until then.

It completely threw me. 

What did that have to do with helping people with their hearing loss and helping them choose the best device for their needs? People who were suffering and needed help to better understand the new sounds of the world and be able to function better in their lives…which does take some time to adjust to, needs support, it’s not a quick fix, here’s the aid and everything will be fixed…

I didn’t get the job! I couldn’t sell a thing, even if I tried! I was used to helping people with human impacts of hearing loss or deafness, I wasn’t a salesperson and this job worked on a commission basis.

BUT…here’s the thing. This is an extremely important part…TIMES have CHANGED.

I could have used my expertise in the right way.

People want you to help solve their problems, they don’t want to be sold to like the hearing aid shop 15 years ago.

They want a genuine authentic person to help them, with expertise and knowledge.

They want to be respected, listened to and understood. 

They want to know exactly how your products or service can help them and be of the very best quality and value. And, they expect you to show them, otherwise, they will go to someone else who will, and there are plenty of people out there, as we know.


The Disperser focused on the sale, not the person…


FOCUS ON THE PERSON and the sale will come in time…

But you can’t stand out if you Don’t have an AUDIENCE!

If you don’t have an audience you can’t help or sell anything!

So what do you need, in order to capture your audience’s attention? 

Simply focus on building your relationship with them.


The First Component: YOU.

Who do you need to be to attract the right people and what do you need to learn to enable you to meet their needs?

Oh No! This is where it gets a bit rough, but only for a short time…

You got to expose yourself on Social Media! Get your voice and face out there. 

Sound terrifying, daunting or overwhelming?

Getting yourself out there on Social Media can bring up fears…

It’s normal to start thinking about what others will think of you: Your company people, your audience and family and friends.

The first thing I thought was, ‘’they’ll say what is she doing now?’’ and ‘’when will you get a return on your investment?’’ and ‘’are you sure this isn’t a pyramid scheme.’’ ‘’They just want your money.’’

TBH it has been difficult to break through those moments and words…but, they are only words and thoughts. It’s what your head does with them that matters. Will they become your excuses to prevent you from enabling this to work for you?

We can control thoughts, we can learn the skills, we need to become of value and service to others, and we can help inspire and motivate people online to provide solutions.

The Second Component – Your Audience.

Are you actually right now getting to know your audience?

How do we know how to connect and get to know what our audience wants?

We can connect through our Stories, our first-hand personal experiences. What we went through using the same products and services is vital as your audience will relate to you.

This will show them that you are honest, you care, have empathy and understand what they are going through, you can then listen to their responses when they engage on posts and ask questions. 

The key is to listen to them and this ensures that your product is a match for them, and will be of benefit to their need expressed. 

Think about how your message through your story can be conveyed to them to create that impact, so they do remember you, and your product, and how it can help them.

If we can support them where they are at, this leads to an Emotional Bond with them.

We help them every time when we speak directly to them relating our experiences, providing information to educate them on how their problem can be solved, with the help of our product or service.

YOU offer the Solution. 

No Relationship is Instant, it needs time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

You need to be consistent and show up every single day, delivering your value with the focus being on the person first always…not on the prize…the bank balance.

Humans are wired with emotions and make decisions based on emotions. If we can expose our vulnerability this will create a lasting impact on others.

This is more powerful than any Sales Funnel, pretty website, fancy graphics or beautiful picture.

Just show up every single day and deliver value.

Simple right?

Then when you have built that relationship, lead them to the next step, whatever you want them to look at i.e. Your offer or opportunity.

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Wishing you much happiness and success in your life and Business.

Adele Booth


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