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Should We Let People Know that it is Hard Work to Build Your Business?

100% Yes. It isn’t easy to build your business and you should be authentic and truthful.

Many people paint a picture that it is easy to build a business online or offline.

It’s not the truth. That’s why alot of people say bad things about Network Marketing, building a business online or Affiliate Marketing. They have a bad reputation for using promises when in fact it is the opposite when you start delving in.

Stating promises and then finding out it is the opposite makes people see it as a scam, a lie, you are untrustworthy.

Network Marketing, starting your own business, affiliate marketing and working online is NOT a get rich quick scheme. For the record I don’t know of any, do you? We’d all be doing it if there was something out there.

It has the potential of getting you rich slowly over time.

When we embark on starting any business, Is it all about getting rich?...No.

Starting any business is no different than any other position you take on to earn money... 

It’s never going to be easy you have to work at it.

If you are stating it is easy to the people who are coming to you to learn about starting a business online, no wonder you are not seeing results or getting people to buy your products.

You are literally chasing people away by making any claims to earning money quick and saying it is easy. You are lying to them and you are destroying the legitimate profession of Marketing and your own reputation and relationship you have been trying to build.

Be Authentic and tell the truth. This is what will be attractive and build your reputation and trust.

Take on board these tips:

1. Give realistic expectations.

One of the reasons why people fail or give up is because of unrealistic expectations. They don’t know how much it will take to see results, especially in Marketing and Business. There are so many skills and characteristics you must learn and develop, it takes time. You got to be in it for the long haul.

If you have ever said it’s ok, I’ll help make it easier for you...I’ll build it for you...I’ll build your website I’ll set it all up...STOP. You are part of the problem right there.

You have got to tell people it’s hard and they need to be prepared to commit to learning what is needed, put in the time and be willing to work on THEIR business.

Yes, it will be a roll coaster. It will take time. Throughout the lifetime of the business there will be highs and lows. Every business owner knows this and will tell you this if they are honest and trustworthy.

It’s impossible for any Network Marketing, Entrepreneur Affiliate marketer, online and offline business not to have gone through and continue to go through learning curves, ups and downs.  This is how we grow and learn. This is how we listen to what people want and need.

Be aware that marketers will advertise the dream lifestyle, financial freedom and go all out into showing them photos etc…If you are doing this..STOP.

People will be attracted to shiny objects and things they want. The solution.

BUT....People will figure it out after a short period of time and regard these types of words as a scam and that it is a load of rubbish. Your reputation and trust will deplete.

If you have taken the time to spell things out and prepare them with realistic expectations then in the long run when you do start to feel challenged and your family and friends who have a negative view. You can say...''well Adele told me it was going to be like this. It will be hard, I trust her because she was truthful and I know I can get through this because she and others have and it’s down to me.'' There will be stages, these are realistic expectations.

2. The right Prospect will smell a lie a mile away.

Our ideal newbie prospect is anyone that is willing to put in the work in order to be successful. By telling people how hard it is up front, will filter out all those that know it’s not for them. This leaves the people that are aware of their own abilities to commit and make it work for them. 

These people will have had experience and have understanding that it is hard work starting something new. They may draw on experiences they have been through at college, university, they may have worked towards an award, become a leader, manager, boss, director, been in competitive sport...whatever but they are our ideal prospects as they know how much time effort and commitment is needed to succeed and achieve results.

If you make it look will scare your ideal prospect away because they’ll know you are bullshitting.

Salesy and spammers aren’t honest and genuine. They’ll smell it a mile away.

By being honest, open up front and telling them what to expect, and that it’s not easy, makes sure they know it’s worth.

So if you sit down and say it’s hard, challenging, you have to put the work in but it is worthwhile. You have a balance. Hard work but the solution is worthwhile.

Be honest...Be real and then more people will trust you and you will move into becoming a leader.

You then place yourself naturally into a position where you can illustrate the steps that they will take, that they will need to do. That they need to follow the system and process of steps of learning. To take on board the community and one to one support. That they won’t be alone.

You are then setting up a roadmap for them, a plan for them to follow and help in setting up their system in this way for them to learn and do instead of doing it for them.

3. Tell People it is Worth it.

As mentioned previously, Network Marketing and online working really does weed out the ones that really want it and separates them from the people that want a quick fix. So it is so so important that you tell people it is worth it.

You may not have a success story if you are learning and starting up, but these ideal prospects will be confident in their own abilities to learn. Right now they have their own goals and dreams that they want to achieve but they do not have a plan to get there. You have a roadmap. You got what they need to get them there.

They maybe in a position of frustration and searching, in a rut, fed up with where they are, not using their skills. All you need to do is cast the vision and set up the bigger picture nice a clearly. It is your responsibility to tell people that it is not going to be easy.

Remember DO NOT tell them you will build it for them, that the system does it all for them that it’s easy...You are lying to them and you are part of the reason why Network Marketers have a bad reputation and it’s the reason you are not getting results if you are up and running now.

So take Responsibility.

There is a better way. Be a leader and treat people with respect.

That’s the message today.

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Wishing you much happiness and success.


Adele Booth

Adele helps new and developing Network, Affiliate and Business Marketers with valuable up-to-date training and support so that you can achieve a sustainable income and lifestyle you want.

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