How to Take Back Control to Improve Confidence to Grow Your Business using these 5 Steps. – Adele Booth

How to Take Back Control to Improve Confidence to Grow Your Business using these 5 Steps.

It is so important for us to take back control when we are having feelings of doubt, low confidence, we feel challenged or frustrated because we aren’t moving forward…

These times hold ourselves back… and can be very overwhelming to stop us in our tracks and prevent our businesses from growing how we want them to.

Can you remember a time when you were a kid and got so excited about doing something new?

Maybe going swimming for the first time, getting in a sand pit, playing ball, riding a bike, helping mum with cooking…

But then something happens to us along the way and we may find ourselves being hesitant when we approach new things...this is due to what???

Our experiences of things we have done in the past and the responses of others or how we felt at the time does have a lasting effect on us. 

That time when we fell over, or got told off, or broke something…

maybe we felt stupid, silly embarrassed when something went wrong? 

Maybe we remember what people said…

Then when we approach new things or difficult things we get reminded about how we could what happens then??? 

We respond to our thoughts and at that point those take over and prevent us from doing the thing, avoiding it, or preventing us from taking action and doing it anyway.

I’m going through some tips that will help improve self-awareness, to look at this lack of confidence head on and work on how to move through so we can achieve the thing we need to.

WHY It is so important?

Because if we project confidence and are confident, others will feel this immediately and this will build that trust in us and reflect on our businesses.


Otherwise low confidence is going to pop up all over the place, everywhere in our lives,

So to work on our awareness and when it shows its face, is the start…

the root of where we need to focus.

If we leave it and don’t address this, or don’t go there...what will the impact of this be?

It’ll stop us achieving the things we want and it’ll hold us back from earning the income we want and grow our businesses.

So, let's go back to what I was saying earlier…

Our experiences shape us...we have experienced mistakes and doing things wrong, and we felt something...embarrassed, not good enough, a failure...whatever pops up in our head so…

When we find ourselves feeling that moment again we react and listen to our thoughts…

Our excuses, but they aren’t true…

These stop us from achieving and often we go to the extreme and feel totally devastated!!! 

Overwhelm and fear kicks in…

Our body reacts and repeatedly listening to our thoughts send us this way...PANIC!

and may take us down that route of depression, stress and what does that do to our confidence and self belief?

WHAT IF...If we had no Fear like when we were a kid?

We had no experience of what could go wrong???

We would TAKE ACTION, right?

We would have no excuses, no worse case scenario popping up into our heads…

Job done, we take action and complete all that we set ourselves...Weee heee!!!

What does that do for our self belief and confidence???

But we do Fear, don’t we?

RIGHT NOW...what are you avoiding? What are you doubting???

  • Having a conversation with someone? 
  • Picking up the phone to someone, writing an email. 
  • Doing a live video and allowing others to see you?  
  • Investing in yourself in a training program?
  • Spending money on an investment? 

No one can give us reassurance that everything is going to be OK, that we aren’t going to do that thing perfectly.

So we often go into that mode of devastation, thinking of the worse case scenario.

WHAT HAPPENS next?  We avoid and go into the negative.

What can we do to take control of this and step into the same status as when we were a kid and be fearless???

Here are the 5 Steps to Improve Your Confidence to Grow a Thriving Business.


Raise our awareness and reflect on our feelings and what we are telling ourselves when we meet with something we are avoiding.

Challenge that thought...the words that form in our head with positive with...

I’m safe, I’m ok, I haven’t done this before, nothing bad is going to happen to me, I just have to do this and experience this as it will be good for me and I can do this…


Now do it, set ourselves a time to do the tasks or thing that we know we need to it, hold yourself accountable. 

  • If we need to break that task down to small steps, then do it...
  • If we need to learn something first to enable us to complete the task then do it...
  • if we need to talk it through with someone first, then do it...

But be accountable and take back control.


When we have completed it, celebrate the fact of doing it...however small or large that it is doesn’t matter...

what matters is that this then reinforces to us that we took control, we did it and remind ourselves that we did that, no one else. 


Now this is super important, Reflect and evaluate how it went...we need to continue to grow and learn from that, this puts yourself back in control.

We need to look at that experience...ask ourselves what went well, what didn’t go so well and what am I going to do differently when I do that thing again.

This takes control of our responses and makes that experience a learning one. We can improve in everything if we make this part of our daily practice.


Then all we do is rinse and repeat.

Just like Riding a bike, driving a car, cooking a meal, cleaning our teeth, writing a blog, putting together a presentation, going live.

We have now placed ourselves into a position of control and we have self-belief that we can do and achieve the things that bring up feelings of self doubt…

We do have the abilities, we can observe and listen to us, and learn to become aware and the important thing is stepping into taking control and taking action.

Write down the above points and start becoming aware today.

Our Power comes into force when we Embrace us and all we are, look at how we tick, our thoughts.

Our fears will hold us back and only we can become taking back our control.

We can manifest anything in our lives, we create our lives, it’s at our fingertips...and so is building our confidence…

In turn we find our power and will then be able to project confidence and attract the right people to us who will want to reach out to us.

When we become aware that we aren’t confident and avoid things, it’s often down to a lack of skills and knowledge which you’ll find out when you start practicing the evaluation step.

Part of our Business and Entrepreneurial journey is to strive to be that problem solver and find what we need to learn to increase our skills, master what we personally need for our businesses to succeed.

I am aware that for some people this is a lot to absorb and can make you feel overwhelmed? 

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  • What systems and methods will help you?

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