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How To Use These 3 Key Steps To Build a Successful Business on Social Media

Do you find yourself distracted by the ''Next Big Thing?' and find yourself never focusing long enough to enable your Networking Efforts and Building Online to reward you with the results you want?

There's that what ''if'''...What if there is something else that is easier that will work faster...

Have you ever thought this?

We call it SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) and almost every entrepreneur, Network Business and Online Business will relate to this.

Don't Fret. 

I've got a proven cure that'll get you reaching the results you want...

But Hey! no wonder we don't know where exactly to focus our time, attention and energy.  There's heaps to do...

How long is your list?

Me...I wanted that Magic Formula.

Sadly, so many struggling Entrepreneurs, Network Businesses fall into Sabotaging traits after 30-60 days and say...

''Well, this isn't working for me, guess I'll try something else.''

Well, in case you haven't guessed...

Constantly jumping from one thing to the next is the quickest way to waste and burn through your resources...physically mentally and financially.

It'll Leave you high and dry, no profit not results.

Luckily there is ONE Vital Component to Success with Every Type of Business.

This One thing will free you from being trapped in your own head, doubting your path and your abilities to sustain your workload, to produce the results you are looking for.

What is the One thing?

The One thing that will enable your success, regardless of what you're promoting, what you've been selling, what marketing strategy you are using...

The One thing all leaders, top earners, successful businesses all have in droves...


Whether you’re building online or off this is the same for everyone.

If you’re not building an audience, you’re not building a business cos you don’t have eyeballs on you and your products.

  • Now, is that audience going to come overnight? No.
  • Will it come easy and without investment? No.

Because building your audience is exactly like building any other relationship in your life.

  • Do colleagues, friends, partners appear overnight? No.

It takes time to get people to know, like, and trust you.

It takes work, hard work, and patience.

This is exactly how it works in network marketing too.

But once you’ve earned that trust and put in the time and effort, focusing on building your audience is going to get you results quicker than jumping from one thing to the next (which honestly, will get you nowhere.)

Using These 3 Key Steps are Vital Components to Growing Your Audience, so You can Build a Successful Business on Social Media

STEP 1. The first step of success is to Focus on Building your audience.

Be realistic, it’s not going to happen overnight.

You gotta earn your audience and you can’t do this on their first visit to you or your posts.

Imagine going out on a date for the first time or being chatted up with a one liner at a bar…

Do you get married on the next date or do you put…’’in a relationship’’ overnight on facebook???

No! So what happens next…Tell me?...You text, message, meet again or not! Ask questions, to build up a picture to see if you like the same stuff, do the same things, have the same values perhaps, 
you go out on another date, do other stuff together and so on…
You may do a bit of research on facebook, ask other friends their opinions, basically checking them out…

Well, this is exactly how you build up a picture on anyone to see if they are genuine, if you will like them, and then get to know them…Trust comes later in time.

So it’s the same with YOU and Your products and services.

How can you do this? How can you grow your audience???

Add value to them, share with them stuff about you, post content, do videos so they see you. 

This is the secret of Attraction Marketing…then provide consistency always focusing on that meaningful real value, so people will want to read or watch.

Start building your relationship right now cos lets face it, you could have the fanciest website and product but if you don’t have a relationship…NO SALES!

STEP 2: How to engage with your audience.

What are the ways we can do that? 

If you have been putting posts out there on any platform…people comment like and share right? Even a small comment… be interested in people, listen to what they are saying and start engaging with them. You never know what conversations you’ll get into. 

But never go into that conversation with an agenda…Remember the first date scenario, people are building a picture up of you…don’t repel…

Care for people, listen to them and what they are saying it is so important as then you will provide them with the right value to help them at this time…

Always have in your mind that you are here to serve and help them.

Don’t worry if it’s nothing to do with what you do or your product…just chat and let them lead that, you are building that know and like factor, and working on the trust which will come later.

This is so important in building rapport. Never push, never jump in with a sales pitch never never never…

You do this on a personal level…Because this is personal…this is their life…so share your experiences and stories, be vulnerable and you. You have nothing to hide and everything to give. You are valuable, worthy and you are an expert on your product and services…show this by chatting and building your relationship just as any friend would…

This will enable people to know like and trust you in their time but this isn’t quiet enough for them to buy from you so the developing the next step will move you forward.

Rapport is the starting point always with everyone.

There will be plenty of people who like and trust you, but will still not be interested in buying anything from you, still be consistent with the help you are giving them too.

The next step...How to build influence over your audience to compel them to buy or join from you.

STEP 3. How to create influence with your audience.

What do you do so that they buy from you without you being pushy…or conveying this to them…STEP 3 is allowing your audience to make their own decision about buying from you…

You are just the influence. It’s not about pitching….Lets go back to the relationship…

QUESTION: If you have a problem who do you go to? (of course depending on the problem) A friend or relative? How do you choose?…

  • You choose the right person according to your experience with them, 
  • How they have helped you in the past, 
  • What they said to you with their advice, 
  • and how you felt when you were with them.

So…your audience is no different…You have been building a relationship with them via your content and engaging with them on your posts, listening to them and giving them value following their questions and answers…

You shared your experiences with them so you are relatable… they still have a problem though and that’s why they are following you…

Through how you interact with them and your words…you can ask questions about where they are at, what their pains are, struggles, problems and whilst you answer these you are demonstrating your expertise and understanding about where they are at and what they can do and how you may help etc… 


  • There is No spamming,
  • no copy paste messages,
  • no pouncing,
  • no desperation
  • and No pushing anything on them, 

You are helping them like a friend and this will feel good.

Along the way in this process the people who aren’t interested, and those not ready for help to actually solve their problem with be filtered out… the bonus is that you won’t have wasted your time doing calls with them, you lead with value and have a Serving mindset so won’t feel rejected. 

You will feel good about what you are doing, because you won’t be a pushy sales person, you are the one people turn to for advice and help, you’re not chasing people…you are just helping people whether they are reading, listening to you with the solutions to their problems…

Then those people who reach out to you, will be making their own decision to buy and that means…what? Sales. Yay!

This is with your influence

Influence is subtle. It’s not overt.

Do you think you can go away and do this? 

Or do are you ready to learn how to do this for yourself; Create Your Own Social Media Influence?…

Whit and Cari my mentors and friends are the gurus of this method…they went from living in their mom’s basement with $80 to Multiple 6 figures…Top Top Earners and you can join them in their training, they’ll take you through a

 3 step process of using Social Media to attract more prospects and build your business.

Let's face it, their results aren't typical, but ANYONE can tap into the Power of Social Media Influence to Recruit and Sponsor like a Pro.

  • No Spamming friends news feed.
  • No Copy and Paste messages.
  • No Dropping your links anywhere and everywhere.

You can ''Show Up'' each and everyday as ''You.'' Authentic, genuine and happy you, AND get results for you business.

Whit and Cari told me they used to show up on Las Vegas strip every weekend for 2 years and never recruited anyone!

I don't have that sort of experience but I've turn my life around from being homeless, penniless and now an owner of a guest house alongside building my Network Business.

So, if you think you have what it takes to learn how to use the most Cutting Edge Online Methods to sell more stuff, recruit more people, make more money or rank advance then...

Join Whit and Cari in their Social Media Influencer training.

​Wishing you Success in your Life and Business

Adele Booth
I adapted a previous blog written by Whit & Cari Higham-Super Affiliates,
 to produce this blog with permission by my mentors and friends.

Adele Booth

Adele helps new and developing Network, Affiliate and Business Marketers with valuable up-to-date training and support so that you can achieve a sustainable income and lifestyle you want.

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