How to Stand Out from the Crowd by Learning this One Skill. – Adele Booth

How to Stand Out from the Crowd by Learning this One Skill.

learn one skill to stand out from the crowd online

Are you currently learning how to grow your network marketing business online?

Have you noticed that it's noisy out there on Social Media.

There are so many distractions and “shiny objects.’’ They are everywhere right?

Buy X and you’ll make X in X amount of time!!!!

It’s confusing, I know I’ve been there. You don't always know who to trust or what exactly you should be doing or want to do.

I believe success comes from focusing on personal development, mindset, and how to become an entrepreneur.

As you've probably experienced first hand, being a business owner is about so much more than the initial excitement and knowing all the ins-and-outs of your product.

That's where you start, sure.

Because let's face it, when you’ve done a meeting or event where no-one has shown up, you have people cancelling calls or not answering emails it's easy to get discouraged and wind up in a negative headspace where you want to throw your hands up and quit.

That's why your personal mindset is p​​​​aramount.

Developing your mindset is paramount

Let me start by sharing a mental block most of us face.

Which is a negative view regarding selling.

When I first got started, I definitely thought to myself…

“I don't want to be that in your face, salesy SALESPERSON! Argh!”

But, once I accepted that I was a salesperson...The shift happened, I am growing and my businesses are growing.

This didn't happen overnight, of course.

Because in the beginning I was told (and didn’t know any other way)…

‘‘Just do do do, share, call, email, get your message out there to everyone, be in your face, take action, even if you don’t know them and move on from the no’s.’’

Errrr...That’s rubbish! That’s salesy spammy and will repel customers and prospects. I hate that and that’s exactly what I feared, my gut was saying..Nooooo! I can’t do that. I was right of course!

You are selling Yes, but there is a better way!

Show people your business by leading with your heart

There is a way to do it authentically.

Here's the secret…

You have to lead from your HEART.

And with passion.

Yup, you've got to FEEL it.

I see a lot of network marketers who reject this notion because they don't want to come off as “pushy” or “salesy.’’ Just like I did so don’t get out there. Hold back.

But look, what's truly important is HOW you're selling and what your intentions are.

You must ask yourself, are you…

  • Focused more on your customer than your bank account?

  • Offering them solutions?

  • Honestly helping them?

  • Listening to them?

  • Making sure that your product is actually the right thing for them?

  • Are you getting to know them and build relationships?

Be honest.

These are the questions you need to hone in on to get clear on the ethics of what you're selling.

Now, don't worry, I'm going to get to the ONE skillset you need to master in a second, but first I want to reassure you that…

It's easy to get bogged down with the technical aspects of your business

Demonstrate your passion for your business

Happens to the best of us, myself included.

I've made all sorts of mistakes…

  • Pounding at my keyboard trying to figure out how to write sales copy

  • Overly-focusing on my website and spending too much time and way too much money on it

  • Blogging daily without a real strategy

  • Learning email sequences, sales videos, tripwire offers, etc.

It's exhausting!

Honestly, I’ve been on all sorts of roll coaster emotions and thoughts about companies, people , my own belief in me and whether this is in fact what I want to do. Up and down. Incredible what the mind does.

I'm not joking.

But here's what can happen if you truly focus on the one skillset that I'm going to share with you…

When I got started in network marketing, I honestly didn't even know what network marketing was. I had no idea what this business was like. I thought it was just passing a link on to someone and I’d get a commission and it was easy. I didn’t know that it’s a real profession and one that you must spend time, years, learning the skills sets needed both technically and personal development-wise. Wow! It spun me out for a while and turned my personal headspace inside out. It’s not another ‘thing’ you try! See if it works. Not a get rich in 30days! There’s no such thing BTW. Stay clear of those words and offers.

Yet I grew my skill set, developed my mindset which in turn develops my business and enables me to live the life I want.

…using the skillset I'm about to share with you.

First a little bit more backstory, so you can appreciate the significance of how I arrived at this conclusion.

Just like everyone else, when I came into network marketing, I got all the “no's,” all the “this is a pyramid scheme” taunts, all the not even replies, wasting money on google ads not knowing what I was doing and all the negativity from friends and family saying ‘’they just want your money, it won’t work!’’

I’d had a number of businesses in the past, both online and offline so I knew me, when I set my mind on something there is no stopping me.

I had come through a serious life change at the time and I knew I still had alot to sort out in my head, 15 years of my own businesses and years managing other people’s...I started again with nothing and couldn’t get a J.O.B.! My confidence was at rock bottom and I’m no spring chicken at 46 back then...So ended up as a self employed cleaner...still my own boss. It brought me in the money to pay for a roof over my head but I was itching to learn and use all of my what...I thought????

I needed to learn how to brand ME.

Not my company, not my product, but me.

So the question became…

Who is Adele Booth? Ha! Ha!...What! Me?

There's one thing success boils down to

Truth be told. My head was all over the place. 

What did I want to do? No idea. 

I had vague ideas and know my own potential and would never let myself down. What have I got to offer? 

What’s changed and what do I need to learn for a sustainable financial future? Am I strong enough to start again?  

I knew I wanted to go back to a business online, but I had no clue how to do it or what I needed to learn, what product was I going to sell.?

I looked at different was a mine-field. I started one course and got 9 months in and there were huge gaps missing to the course material. They asked for more and more money. I struggled every month to pay my rent...I was desperate and spending all my waking hours learning everything. Taking action and it felt like I was getting nowhere fast.

What I realized is this…

Instead of focusing on all the technical stuff like websites, sales funnels, and how to piece everything together, I had to focus on this ONE particular thing.

And this one thing alone.

And that one thing is…

How to show up EVERY DAY and create an emotional bond with my audience!

That's it.

Because, think about it…

Before you can sell anything, you MUST…

Grow your audience and connect

…have an audience—at least one person!—there to sell to.

Makes sense, right?

But with an audience comes exposure, and that can be tough. Ahhh...personal fears that you deal with BTW.

When I started breaking out online, I was gut-achingly nervous and worried about what my…

  • Friends and family were going to think

  • Downline was going to think

  • Peers were going to think

  • Upline was going to think

  • It felt like I was exposing myself!

I was anticipating the eye-rolls…

“What is she doing now?”

I moved past my fears though, and developed a Business page.

I had no idea what I was doing, just putting into place what I was learning, but I showing up every day in my business, and started doing Facebook Lives and recorded content.

I'm not going to lie and say I go live every day, because I don't. I don’t stick to everything I say I’m going to do and I do get distracted with other things!

Just like I don't blog every day.

But, I am finding out what works for me, just like…

You need to find out what works for you

Develop what works for you in your business

Consistency is key. So create a schedule you can stick to.

Now, a big mistake I made was getting distracted.

I started overwhelming myself with all of the backend technology stuff, I think this is normal for everyone as you want to know how every works and know you doing it right...right? and what I realize is the number one thing that helps me in network marketing is focusing on developing and strengthening the relationships with my online community.

That's what I want to impress upon you:

Build a bond with your audience FIRST.

You have to build relationships the right way.

The sale comes later.

It's about the value you give up-front

And that's what I truly focus on.

How do I do it?

Well, I show up, like I said, on my business page, developing relationships from square one.

I have wasted time in my own head...doubts fears and making excuses.

Yes and I still do, and have to keep kicking my own arse everyday just like every other person in business.

But I see others having success in the online space, which helps inspire and motivate me to keep on learning and moving forward.

Plus, I realized…

It's not about you; it's about those you're meant to serve

You want to think about…

  • Who am I looking to attract?

  • Who do I have to show up every day for?

  • Who do I need to BE to attract the right people to me?

A great way to do this is to take your audience on a journey. Your journey. 

How you are learning about branding and attraction marketing—all of the stuff you will be learning through the course you are undertaking.

One of my leaders and a mentor is always asked...

“How did you grow an online business in four months to hit six-figures?”

That's how; by sharing her journey.

In the beginning, Julie stacked up value.

She focused on growing her audience

She eliminated all the clutter and the noise, putting everything on pause.

And she said…

“Okay, I just need to show up today and give some sort of value in any way possible.”

And that's what she did and that’s what I’m doing.

She told us...Eventually…people started to comment.

People started to show up, and she encouraged them to share.

She gets this question all the time:

“Julie, what do you talk about in your lives?”

The answer is whatever you want.

Everyone struggles with something

Maybe you're in health and wellness and you've been on a weight loss journey.

You could share your weight loss story.

Maybe you've lived in debt and now you're finally able to dig yourself out of debt.

Maybe you are like me and had to walk away from a business and relationship and started again? Share that journey.

Maybe you have no experience of business...Share that journey.

People want to know...How you got yourself out of debt, or back up and running a business, how you moved on, how you gained the skills to start from scratch…

This is how you can introduce them to your network marketing company or products.

As you can see, it's not about spamming products and links everywhere.

It's about taking your audience on a journey: step one, step two, step three.

Creating and fostering those relationships are so important.

Think about how your message could impact another human being

I started with my mindset, confidence, and building belief just because I personally was struggling to let go of my past. I cleared my own path and got out of my own way so I was clear in my head and in the right environment to move forward, learn and grow.

I talk about fears, knowing yourself and learning about you and what strategies work for you to stay on track and motivated, much more than the technical stuff and the strategies around network marketing. Of course I am always responding to what is asked of me and have got those skills and can show people.

The key is to listen to your audience and what they want.

And remember that vulnerability wins every time. Tapping into emotions just like all the movies and dramas out there.

If that freaks you out, I'm going to tell you right now that you have to push through it. This is how humans are wired.

To reiterate, the one thing I focus on above all is building relationships, and the way I do it is through Facebook.

There's no way Julie could have grown a six-figure business in four months online if she did not use Facebook Live to grow a deeper connection with those people that were showing up every day into her life. 

People like to get to know you, they then like you, follow you and trust is built...then they’ll buy from you.

And to be sure you're consistently growing your audience…

Always ask for shares! Just say something like, ‘’if you know anyone that would benefit from this, then feel free to share it with them.’’

Fundamentally, making this work goes back to figuring out who you are, who you want to show up as, who you want to attract, and then show up and build that relationship.

Build that emotional bond with people!

This is so much stronger than any sales funnel, or any tripwire offer, or any beautiful website design.

Just SHOW UP every single day and deliver value.

Simple, right?

Then lead them to the next step, whether you want them to take a closer look at what you have to offer, or your network marketing company.

Do you want to learn and develop your skills in attracting people to you and your business? Do you want to know how we are doing it?

Is there something missing from your business right now and you need the steps to build your confidence, skills, knowledge and get really focused and motivated???...then start with the free 10 day bootcamp.

This is the exact same information I personally use to get start my Networking Marketing business and development my business online. I wanted to know how to get leads using the internet without wasting my time or money... I gotta add...The right way without being in people’s faces, being spammy or salesy which as you know I hate and preach on about! This way customers will come to you without you having to chase them and you won’t feel rejected.

Simply click here to register for your 10 day bootcamp that Ferny one of my mentors put together for us and exactly where I started.

Wishing you much happiness and success in your life and business.

Adele Booth

Many thanks to Julie one of our leaders and mentors, who kindly allows us to share and adapt her blogs by making it our own journey.


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