How to Create Consistent Predictable Results with the Help of 5 Tips to Get You Rocking and Rolling. – Adele Booth

How to Create Consistent Predictable Results with the Help of 5 Tips to Get You Rocking and Rolling.

With these 5 Tips you could start creating consistent predictable results.

It’s every Network Marketers, Home Business Owners, Entrepreneurs dream to see results like the leaders out there, Right?  But to get there you’ve got to create consistent predictable results.

How are you going to do that?

I’ve sat there at my computer flicking through facebook doing my research. Scrolling through the business community, watching people put posts up about their results. I’ve watched facebook lives and webinars with lots of engagements and comments and thought…

‘’How do they get those results?’’

‘’They are really good at what they do. How can I get that?’’

Do you sit there and do this? Do you want what they have are showing you they have?

You gotta realise doesn’t matter what industry they are in. What you are seeing is only a snap short in time.

This is very important.. A snapshot in time.

Just like that person crushing it, sitting on vacation travelling the world.

2 things are happening here:

  1. You are comparing it to where you are in your life now.
  2. You see a snapshot of their life.

Is this a fair comparison?

You may not do this, but you may know someone who this has happened to.

So how do you run with those leaders?

First off. It’s damaging to compare yourself.

You are making a judgement and this comes with an internal bias which is a perception and a story you tell yourself. Made up.

Secondly there is no difference between you and the top dogs or leaders. They all started where you are and have been through what you are going through and are still riding their rollercoaster.

Look at it like this...We have 2 people in a room. One has body scares the other doesn’t. Their clothes are covering their scares. Let’s be realistic. You will have no idea what either person has been through to get to this point in their lives. What we think and perceive is 65% and not reality is it?

Here’s 5 tips to get you rocking and rolling to achieving the results you want.

1.Think like a leader.

To be a leader, a top dog...comes with having realistic expectations that it will take a while. Once you realise and commit to the long haul, then there’s no fighting or comparisons to hold you back.

Some people do want results right here and now, I’ve felt this myself and wanted it to pay off quickly otherwise I’d be struggling again with paying the bills and I’d have to give up and try something else. Yep, I thought like this once. This mindset will not work.

Commit to the long haul with realistic expectations knowing that this is a long process.

2. Healthy Modelling.

You can use looking at leaders in a healthy way. Modelling or learning from them. I don’t mean mimic them.

Watch them and listen to their customers, their target audiences. What their customers and followers are saying will give you ideas to develop your own content. You can provide solutions to what they are asking.

Do they show up everyday? Yes. They are consistent. Do they get results? Yes.

Then do the same.

Just like embarking on a college course where you attend up and learn for your business.

But remember don’t be a carbon copy of that person. Be you. Unique. Yes, be inspired by who you are following, and note their values and beliefs that you are attracted to. Look at how they treat and help people. Can you develop those virtues?

Remember modelling does not mean mimicking, Learn and develop you as a unique brand.

3. Do the time!

You have to put in consistent time.

I’ve seen people who have got results after 8 months, 2 years, 5 years. Everyone is different. We all invest in different amounts of time and money. We all learn differently and have different passions, products, expertise and desires. There is no point in comparing yourself with anyone.

You could be someone who sits passively.

You could be someone who just wants to learn learn learn and take no action.

Who do you think moves forward to achieving results?

The people that moves forward and get results are those that show the strength to put what they learn into action, fall down, make mistakes, get up, evaluate, tweak…

Don’t hang around. Be consistent with the quality and quantity of value. Don’t worry about being perfect.

A perfectionist mindset will not move you forward. They tend to be people who are looking for an escape and it won’t get you to where you want to. Don’t be perfect. Get out there and take action, do the time and learn from your mistakes. Mistakes give you the most valuable learning.

4. Be curious

Ok. So you had a bad day. You worked really hard, technology played up, you nearly gave up on what you were doing. You nearly screamed and maybe were tempted to throw the computer across the room!!! You felt like you were wasting your time. But you powered through with determination and ensured you were curious about why it wasn’t working. You wanted to know why it wasn’t working and you weren’t going anywhere until it worked.

You said to yourself, what’s happening here, despite your emotional reactions...eventually you achieved what you set out to achieve. You did it. 

Wow! That felt good right? You did things differently and learnt how to make it work. You could have asked for help or you researched the answers. It really doesn’t matter how you got there you did it and you were in control and you moved forward.

Be curious always and you will learn and achieve.

5. Accept the good with the bad.

Like the above scenario. Expect things to go great and then not so good.

External issues like family, money, other work and technical issues will come along.

We don’t just sit there and wait for it all to get better do we? No. What do we do then? We move through it. Right?...Yes...right.

To work through the different parts of the journey strengthens you and enables you to keep at it everyday.

So celebrate the wins.

I hope you found some value in these tips and I wish you success with getting the results you want.

Change starts with you.

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Wishing you much happiness and success.


Adele Booth

Adele helps new and developing Network, Affiliate and Business Marketers with valuable up-to-date training and support so that you can achieve a sustainable income and lifestyle you want.

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