Have you Considered these 5 Possible Reasons Why You are Struggling To Get Results In Your Business? – Adele Booth

Have you Considered these 5 Possible Reasons Why You are Struggling To Get Results In Your Business?

Here’s 5 possible reason you’re struggling to get results in your business that you might not have considered and how to change it.

What are you overlooking?

For all Businesses and Entrepreneurs there will be times of struggle or feeling stuck….

They’ll be times when we think we aren’t good enough, we can’t get over this hurdle, it’s too stressful, too much, too overwhelming and I’m sure we can add a whole lot more emotions and thoughts here about our experiences in times of struggle.

Frankly, this journey isn’t for the faint hearted.

We do need grit determination courage and discipline, and we do need to be able to see our struggles as a learning point, a challenge to overcome so we move through to mastering yet one more step.

Let’s get straight into this…could you be overlooking any of these 5 Possible reasons???

1. It’s all about Your Comfort Zone.

It’s lovely to stay safe, not take risks. But this doesn’t and won’t allow you to grow and develop.

You need to step outside of your comfort Zone and consider that all the things people are telling you to do and aren’t.

You aren’t doing these things because you feel uncomfortable doing them or you just have never done it before, or understand how to…

Whatever reason why you are not doing these things, these are the very things you need to do, develop and change.

Are you taking baby steps?

Are you exploring?

Are you listening right now and willing to admit to yourself this applies to you?

The more you go out of your comfort zone the bigger you’ll grow and expand.

2. Have you given up too quick. Simple answer…’Yes’ or ‘No?’ BE HONEST.

Are you a perfectionist and just can’t put anything out there because YOU don’t think it is good enough?

This tells me one thing. You’re scared of putting yourself out there.

When we start out in anything we are scared, we either give up cause it’s easy to give up right? Or you persevere and learn what you need to to master it.  

Are you a quitter. Quitters never win!

It’s hard to learn the skills to be a Marketer, Entrepreneur and run your own Business.

It’s hard but if you quit…you made that choice and can not blame anyone or anything else, you didn’t stick at it.

We all compare ourselves with others. What people have got. Their lifestyles, what results they get. You gotta remember that everyone is different at different stages in their business journey and their strategies are going to be different to yours.

So the one thing you SHOULD QUIT is comparing yourself.

Be inspired by other, know that they have been through everything you have and will be on that roller coaster ride for the life of their business just like you. Be realistic.

3. All about branding.

Please please please don’t use a company brand. Use YOU – Brand YOU.

When you hide behind the company it becomes all about the company.

Stand out from the crowd in whatever you are offering.

Do your research, don’t just copy and paste what someone else is doing with the same product.

Build YOU. Build your authority, have your followers and give them consistent value from you.

4. Maybe…just maybe you are doing too much learning.

Are you always getting ready but never quite stepping into taking ACTION and getting your content out there?

At some point you need to go for it. Do it.

You will find your method, it’ll be what you are good at and enjoy. 

If you have 2 hours a day spend, don’t just do one thing like reading. Ensure that you do 1 hour of reading and 1 hour of taking action.(The doing bit)

This way you will make mistakes, you’ll find out more about how you work, what you need to learn more of to help you. You’ll find out what stops you from moving forward.  More importantly what to do next.

Right here is your momentum.

So don’t forget to put what you know and have learnt into action.

There are people out there waiting for you.

They need what you know.

You have the solution to their problem.

Share what you know, are expert in and are Learning… NOW.

5. Recognise what results really are.

When I first started out, I was hungry for the money and hugely hung up on this. I alway thought that if I saw the money coming in then this was the result that would tell me I was doing something right.   

Do you think this way?

Well it’s normal but every step on your business journey is a result and this is the key.

Changing this mindset will challenge you to look more broadly at what results are. This will move you forward and allow you to grow more swiftly and become an expert.

Your results come in many forms. In metrics, data, comments from people, rejections, disapproved ads…all this information tells you something and this is a result for you.

What got you your first sale?

What are people liking?

What are people clicking more one?

Listen and watch.

Make evaluations and then make decisions to tweak and test again what you have or scale up on the things that are popular.

Each step is a result.

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