About Me – Adele Booth

About Me - Adele Booth

A warm welcome. 

My name is Adele Booth.

When I first looked at the potential of Marketing products and Building an Online Business, I didn’t have a clue what was involved...

My first thoughts were how could I earn money working less hours and get my life back.

I was desperate for money to pay my rent as I’d gone through a traumatic time in my life and had to start from scratch.

I wanted to start a Business even though I had no product and no money!

That didn't stop me...

I did my research and followed some of the leaders in the Marketing Industry.

At the time I felt I wasn't the same as them, my personality didn’t fit, I don't like being in the limelight, I was a very private person, I didn't want a huge powerful team or be on stage.

NO way was I up for doing hard selling, or be all day messaging people, I didn't want to go down the route of home parties and big events either! 

Having had an online and offline shop in the past I was looking at something with less overheads and to not employ staff.

How could things be different this time?

Something inside of me was speaking to me to keep searching…

How could I combine my skills and learn from others new skills to leverage the internet and grow a business?

Do you ever think like this?

Have you ever asked yourself how on earth am I going to do everything I want in my life, be happy and have money in my pocket?

Frankly...when I found this Team of experts with training that ticked all of my boxes, I was nervous excited!

I had that gut feeling that this was it.

It was the best opportunity to achieve my goals, get my life back on track, work on my terms, learn on my terms and time to focus on me and my life.

And...what a transformation I have made already...

I love seeing people reach their own potential. I love seeing people happy and smile working on their lives and businesses.

If you want this kind of business...Whoopeee...

You'll be taking the steps like I did to become a Marketer in the Digital Online world.

The first steps are the 10 Day Online bootcamp  which shows anyone New to us ​​​​how and what we teach.

No hard sell or convincing, it's up to you.

It will be my pleasure to connect with you, watch and be apart of your growth and achievements, however big or small those will be.

Wishing you success in your life and business