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7 Biggest Mistakes to AVOID On Social Media

My Mistakes, turned into valuable lessons that I can pass on so You can get Social Media Working for you NOT against you.

If there was something you should or shouldn't be doing that would help you get new customers and sales, wouldn't you want to know what it was?

First, before I go through the 7 Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media... let me share a little bit about why I choose this industry...

I kept going over the potential of the internet to connect with people in Bulk instead of 1:1. Having made money online and in business before with little tech skills I wanted to earn more, work less and achieve long term financial security.

To be honest I was very scared about learning again, I didn't want to be labeled an annoying salesperson! Or on the phone 24/7, do home parties, events or trade shows!...not much to ask right?

On top of that I had some personal healing to do having come out of a nasty relationship split, I was starting from Zero, no roof over my head, on survival mode with a fast approaching future without a pension.

I had to find a way to grow a business online, reach more people and learn how to get the results I wanted.

I soon DISCOVERED what NOT to do when connecting and communicating with New People - Potential New Customers.

I researched companies, watched people around me in Networking and building online, I saw a lot of people using Old School Methods still... even though we are in 2020! 

I saw what people were saying about them, they were repelling people, and not getting new customers or sales. Hours of working and no results!

They were wasting their own time money and efforts. I could feel the desperation as I have felt like that.

I wanted to start off doing this right.

I understand that if people don't know any other sales techniques people can unintentionally make these 7 mistakes below. 

Just a thought...when you walk into a shop and there's a salesperson there what are your first thoughts and what do you say when they ask you if you need help?

I'm just looking or I'm ok thanks?

People DO NOT like to be sold to...they will run a mile. But, they will do their own research.

So on that note...What's going to set you aside from others is actually that you care about them. Let people know you are here, and let them come to you.

Become a person of value and you place yourself in a position of helping them with their problems, you will be seen as the expert...the 'go to' person. 

This is a HELP and SERVE Mindset.

Mastering this is difficult with any strategy and/or method you use when making new connections with people...it will take time.

AVOID These 7 MISTAKES to Build the Business You want with Results and Happy New Customers.

1.) The No 1 way to Repel people immediately, get blocked or told 'No,' or worse...

Is putting a link in your first message to a new contact or stranger.

2.) Don't make it worse for yourself!

Stop the actions you are doing that creates angry replies, being blocked or being reported as Spam...

3.) Unless you have been told it's OK...

It's disrespectful to other people online if you post links about your products on their timelines, comments and groups.


People will want to run a mile

5.) STOP having a hidden agenda...

Don't fish for people on forums and groups looking for the best moment to hit them with your product...Never shove it in their face.

6.) STOP blurting out figures, false claims...

In the hope that just 1 person will buy. People see right through this. It's fake.

7.) STOP Using words and labels like...

''it will take you 30-90 days to reach X result.''

You are not being truthful, are you? 

It's you and your efforts and skills that create your results, everyone's commitments are different.

This Online marketing is very different than being Employed...you don't get a wage at the end of the month, so you are solely relying on your efforts to get money results.

However...You Can Build a Reputable and Profitable Business on Social Media... HERE are 5 Do's...

  1. With a Help and Care Mindset. The way you communicate and interact on Social Media tells everyone the type of person you are. You are your business.
  2. Be responsible and respectful to you your products and the industry.
  3. Be honest and transparent about you and your products and educate people with valuable content that informs them of how it can be of benefit to their situation.
  4. Learn how to put your words together so people come to you and ask you what you do and how you can help them. 
  5. Be truthful. Say that everyone is different and results will be from the persons efforts, commitment, time and money etc.. so that people have realistic expectations about when they'll see results and don't come back to blame you when it doesn't happen.

With all that said...this is ONLY SOME of what I have learned.

The Strategy I discovered is Attraction Marketing, it doesn't rely on any of these 7 Mistakes that will Repel People or waste you time. 

What Attraction Marketing has done for me has enabled me to tick all my personal criteria...you can gain access here to the 10 day bootcamp...It's free.

I am building my Business Online alongside my guest house business which I didn't have before, I didn't even have a roof over my head... I have time to dance, socialise, spend time in nature with my dog, friends and family whilst working on my long term financial security.

The Attraction Marketing Bootcamp will show you:

  • How to put your expertise into words on posts, videos and ads to reach the right people and larger audiences.
  • How to build lasting relationships with your following and email list to turn them into customers.
  • And…
  • How Implementing the Power of Automation tools can streamline and reduce your workload to give you more time freedom.
and so much more.
Of course I wouldn’t be where I am without this training, this is just the start of an Exciting Financially secure future, I'm happy.
Wishing you success in your life and business.
Adele Booth


Finally, An Easier Way Get more Customers –Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing and Bugging People!

Adele Booth

Adele helps new and developing Network, Affiliate and Business Marketers with valuable up-to-date training and support so that you can achieve a sustainable income and lifestyle you want.

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