5 Things You May Not Have Considered to Increase Your fan Page Engagement. – Adele Booth

5 Things You May Not Have Considered to Increase Your fan Page Engagement.

3 things you may not have considered to increase your fan page engagement.

Is Your Fan Page Working for You or NOT?

Give thought to these 3 things to maximise your integration, so you can build a thriving community on your fan page.

Why is this important?

The first thing on our online journey is setting up a ‘’likes’’ campaign on our facebook fan page so that we can get 100 likes. Once we have reached 100 we are able to start running ads. Otherwise facebook don’t like this and can shut your page down.

Once we have our likes we can start thinking of our copywriting, images and headlines and things to go with this creating.

The downside is that we can miss a pretty critical step about our branding on our fan page.

I’m not talking about going to a graphic designer and discussing about logo, colours font etc..that will come in time and is important when you are aiming at looking professional.

What I’m talking about is the message to market.

1. What is your message to your target market and are you connecting with your target market in your branding?

It’s really important to put some thought to this, and how you are positioning yourself on social media to your target audience in this very noisy world where there is a lot of fan pages that people could go and follow.

So running ‘’likes’’ campaigns we are asking strangers that we don’t know to come and like our page.

Now when they come over and like our page. We have got 1 chance to make a good impression.

ONE chance!

So you can’t make a 1st impression a 2nd time. 

We only get ONE chance.

Not only have we got one chance. We have got about 6 seconds to do that.

So it’s really interesting that human beings have a less attention span than a goldfish!

Gold fish have 7-8 seconds and a human attention span is less than that!

Not only have you got One Chance you have got 6 seconds to make that first impression.

There are 3 things someone is thinking about when they come to your page.

  1. Who are they?

  2. What do they do?

  3. How are they going to help me?

In that 6 seconds they are thinking, (remember it’ a cold market) 1. Who are they, 2. What do they do? And 3. How are they going to help me?

The Number One thing to consider for the branding of your fan page is Are Your Hitting These 3 Questions?

You may have a beautiful images and we’ve all seen them and I’m guilty too, of a landscape, a beach scene and the tag line might be…’’Helping you live the life of your dreams, strive for time and financial freedom’’ that kind of thing.

Although that’s great that you are creating a vision for people. BUT is it hitting on the 3 questions...1. Who are they? 2. What do they do? And 3. How are they going to help me?

Well...There’s no picture of them, no name and we don’t even know what they do. We aren’t sure because they are just talking about living a life of their dreams.

How can they help me?

It does talk about time freedom but I’m not sure how they are going to help me do that.

So the 6 Seconds have gone, they are a little confused and if people are confused from your fan page, they’ll go and find another fan page where the branding is on point.

So what we want to consider here is those 3 questions.

Is there a picture of you on it?

Can people see you? You are a real person and you are branding you.

Is your name up there? And is it clear? Or is it really small? Look at it on a mobile can you see it?

Is your tagline resonating and connecting with your target audience?

So if your tagline says…’’helping you live the life of your dreams.’’ it probably isn’t.

Those 3 things again are:

1. Photo of me - TICK

1. My name -TICK

 2. ‘’Helping Network Marketers build their business online.’’ If your target market is network marketers then they think..’’right they are in marketing.’’ - TICK

3. Helping you find leads online so you can get more customers to buy, rejection free - TICK

In those 6 seconds they know what I look like, my name, what I’m doing is the same as them, what I can do to help them to find leads rejection free.

So the missing component of not getting those 100 likes… Just take a step back and maybe if you are not getting engagement, the viewer could be confused. A lovely photo with a vague headline may not be connecting on your page.

Putting thought to your branding on your page is a critical component. It’s really important to be using words that say something about your brand.

We can’t focus all our energy on our ads and no focus on our page.

Your page is like your Bill Board, where you live, where you build your tribe and community.

Where you are building relationships so that they can KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.

When they know like and trust you, this is when they will be happy to give you an email address and perhaps buy something off you.

2. What content are you putting on our page?

If you have said you will help Marketers find leads, recruit online, are you actually doing this?

Are you bringing the value you said you would to your fan page?

I’ve been guilty of not having a clue and of putting positive quotes up after positive quotes, a blog then positive quote and then...bam a recipe!... out of the blue! The recipe is not content that is congruent to what you said you would give and the way you have branded yourself online.

Cos you are not actually talking about what you said you were. Make sure you are talking about that.

  1. Branding and 2. Content need to be congruent, then you’ll have a better chance of engagement.

3. What’s the variety of content you are putting on your page?

It is very important to ensure variety of the types of content you have on your fan page. Some people are visual learners, some like to read and some like to listen. Have you got that variety?

These could be:

Blogs, Video, Positive quotes, Facebook Lives, Questions. Sharing other content like youtube, but not too often. Facebook don’t like it as you are coming off their platform, so not too often.

A word here about Facebook lives...Facebook lives are the fastest way to get engagement.

People can hear and see you right now and you are genuine. This builds the ‘’Know, like and trust’’ you.

Are you missing the variety?  then facebook lives are great to include your ‘’call to action’’ and get people to engage.

You can add things like…’’have you ever felt like this, if you have then put a 1 below or yes but keep on talking.

For a call to action…’’if you don’t know what attraction marketing is but would like to learn how to attract more people to you online rather than chasing your family and friends then drop the word ‘’training’’ below and I’ll make sure that afterwards I'll send that free training to you.’’

Now you get engagement and interaction.

So what if nobody is watching me on my live? It doesn’t matter just get in the flow and talk and throw those opportunities to engage in there for practice and also people come back and watch them. This is where you will build your relationships.

We’re done!!! Let’s recap.

The 3 things you should consider to increase your engagement are:

  1. Branding

  2. Congruent content

  3. Variety of content.

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