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5 Secrets to Effortlessly Attract More Customers

5 Tips to Attract More Customers

How to Attract more Customers.

How would you like to be more attractive?

Now, by Attractive I don’t mean ‘’good looking’’ attractive.

There are lots of things that make someone attractive, beyond face value and the way we look.

I’m talking Magnetic Qualities of Attraction that will naturally want people to come to you, desire to be in your presence and hang on your every word.

Great leaders have these attractive qualities.

The kind of attraction that makes you more effective in life and effective in business.

Below you’ll learn 5 secrets every attractive person instinctively knows (but probably couldn’t articulate).

Ready to learn?


1. Attractive people are more interested in listening to others than hearing themselves speak.

Have you ever sat at a party and wanted to escape from the person who goes on and on?

‘’Me me me!...enough about me...What do you think?’’

Yep we are our number one favourite topic and guess what?

Be in interested and listen to become more Attractive to customers

Your customers will be the same. So if you are more interested in getting to know them, than talking about yourself, you will instantly become more attractive.

Unfortunately, a lot of sales people or people in business get verbal diarrhoea and go on an on and over the top about products , service and opportunities. It turns people OFF.

If you do this, then it does NOT make you attractive.

I used to have a business selling tailor made dance shoes. I was at a weekend dance event selling shoes from 9 am in the morning till 1am. The dancing stopped at 4am. I was up again selling at 9am.

I thought I’d get a few dances in before going to bed but I was far too tired. On the way out a lady stopped me and we had a conversation. All I could think about was how I could escape!

But I just asked her what did she like about the event today.

I was interested and listened, I love dancing too of course.

I didn’t talk about me, and then I asked another question when she came to a pause. Half an hour had passed and finally I said I was tired and I needed to sleep, as I had another full day tomorrow.

The lady said, ‘’You are a lovely person, it’s nice to meet someone who gets me and shares my passion of dancing.’’

But I hadn’t said a word.

I realised it was because I listened attentively.

The lady came to my shop a week later and bought 3 pairs of dance shoes.

2. Don’t Act Needy, Clingy or desperate.

Do you know what I mean? Have you ever had someone text you and then you receive one after the other? And then say…’’why didn’t you text me back?’’

People expect to get what they want and now, they often don’t listen and push for an answer. How does it make you feel?

That neediness, clinginess, desperation - it is not attractive.

Tip 2 from the 5 secrets, Don't be needy, clingy or desperate

So how to be more attractive?

You need to learn to adapt to, ‘’take it or leave it’’ when it comes to business. It’s a fine balance. I’m not saying being flippant and not caring. You Should Totally Care.

How many times have you been browsing in and shop and walked out, and how many times does the shop assistant ask how you are? It’s the assistant that adopts this, ''it’s ok, there are plenty more fish in the sea'' and those that need your products will buy. It’s not the end of the world. Yep that’s good. We also want those that will be satisfied and happy.

3. Never operate with an Agenda.

This next point is very important. Attractive people don’t operate with a hidden agenda.

We all know those people that are being nice so that they can get something from you and expect reciprocation. By giving you something like a gift lets say.

They gave you a gift and you thought that is was thoughtful, and then they ask you to post a picture and thank you on social media and say they are wonderful!

Tip 3. Never Operate with an Agenda when attracting customers

It’s all about them. Public recognition and what’s in it for them?

Like the time I had a message from an old friend on messenger or I still get them from new friends.

They start the conversation with..’’How are you Adele?’’ ‘’What have you been up to?’’ and ask me lots of things and we catch up. Then out the blue the conversation leads to…’’BTW, I’ve got this deal you should look at!’’

Bam! Gotta yah, and that’s why you were being so nice - hidden agenda.

Go into a relationship genuinely wanting to help people solve a problem. This makes you instantly more attractive and make people want to help in return.

4. Project Confidence.

Attractive people are confident.

It’s interesting that two people, especially in home business, can follow exactly the same script (and get different results).

This is why scripts are in large part nonsense – even though they give you a good framework to have a conversation.

Tip 4. Attractive people are confident

It’s interesting that two people, especially in home business, can follow exactly the same script (and get different results).

This is why scripts are in large part nonsense – even though they give you a good framework to have a conversation.

Even so, I’ve heard some top earners say…

“Here’s my script, it’s exactly what I say.” All the fanboys and girls react by saying…

“Oh God, I got to write down exactly what he said.”

They try to use the exact same script, and it doesn’t work

Why not?

One reason might be, just as Eric Worre says, that…“Your success in this business has to do with WHO you were before you joined this business.”

If you had great relationships with people, who perceive you as a successful person, and you’re talking to people about creating financial success, then that will have more bearing on whether you are successful using a script.

But another reason is confidence.

Two people might say exactly the same thing, but because one person says it with no confidence it won’t work.

The successful person comes from a “take it or leave it” attitude.

“I understand that you need what I’ve got more than I need you to join me or buy from me.”

That person has confidence in their offer and their ability to help other people, so the script will work much better.

No matter what “script” they use, they’ll still perform better, and therefore they’re more attractive.

So how can you have confidence when you’re brand new, or haven’t produced many results yet?

If you haven’t read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Eker, I strongly recommend it.

Eker, talks about the difference—a paradigm shift from…

“Have, do, be.”


“Be, do, have.”

What most people think is this:

“When I HAVE the things that successful and confident people have, then I can DO the things that successful people do, and then I’ll BE confident and successful.”

T. Harv Ecker says they’re approaching it the wrong way.

Successful people understand that it’s “be, do, have.”

They say…

“I’m going to BE confident; I’m going to go out there and be the way that a successful person would be. I’m going to think the way a successful person would think. That will then cause me to DO the things that confident people do. And when I start doing those things, I’ll HAVE the results successful and confident people have.”

So look at your own thinking.

If you’re coming from “have, do, be,” you need to flip the script!

Come from “be, do, have” instead.

Go out and be confident, and results will come to you.

The more you…

  • Practice, the more confident you will become.
  • Get results, the more confident you will become.
  • Help people, the more confident you will become.
  • Invest in your knowledge, skills, and education, the more confident you will become.

Here’s a personal example:

When I first started doing video, people said to me, “Adele you look natural and like a presenter on video.”

Believe me I wasn’t natural—at all.

I had a script taped to the bottom of my phone and on the tripod, my head was blank and I must have shot 20 takes, and I’d be glancing up and down and ‘’ummmd’’ like loads of times during a single video.

I didn’t look very confident. I didn’t feel very confident and I didn’t know anything!

My lack of confidence was because I didn’t have as much knowledge and experience.

Once you just get out there and fall down a few times, you’re going to get better.

The more you invest in your knowledge and become one of the most well educated in your field, the more confident you’ll become.

Because you’ll realize…“Man, I know more about X, Y, Z topic than almost anybody else!”

That kind of confidence will instantly make you more attractive.

5. Develop your Skills

Finally Attractive people have highly developed skills.

If you think about the people you have gravitated towards in your own life and who you have been attracted to.

What is it about them?

Tip 5 is Attractive people have highly developed skills

I know from my own experience is that I am not looking at what they look like. I am attracted to their passions, what their skills are, their abilities and what they have to say about the world and people. I may resonate with them because I have something in common and that is attractive and valuable to me. Most of all they are confident enough to sit with me to talk, or I have seen them at work perhaps, like a musician on stage, observing someone’s craft perhaps. There skill and confidence makes them more attractive than they might otherwise seem.

Have you ever wondered how the physically weird person gets all the girls perhaps?...

It’s the same with in business, looks don’t even come into it.

When you have developed this skills set and can confidently say…

I can help you succeed in your business with X Y Z, you instantly become more attractive.

The words you use will project confidence.

When you write and say the words like…’’I’m going to give you personal coaching based on my knowledge, recruiting, closing, building systems for duplication or whatever…’’

Then you will shine with confidence and are instantly more attractive.

Just like that!

Okay, so here’s a quick recap of the five secrets all attractive people know…

  1. Be more interested in the other person than you are in yourself
  2. Don’t be clingy, needy, or desperate for the sale
  3. Don’t operate from a hidden agenda—just help people without expecting anything in return.
  4. Be confident and remember: “be, do, have,” …not “have, do, be.”
  5. Develop your skills.

I hope you’ll put these tips to work today.

So if you haven’t been investing in your education and developing your skills…

Now’s the time to start!

Knowledge and skills will…

  • Help you listen to others to discover how you can help them
  • Enable you to realize there are plenty of people who are already interested in what you have to offer
  • Give you the confidence to deal with all kinds of prospects – even the ones who say “no”
  • Make you instantly more attractive to your prospects

The best way to work on those skills?

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