How to Build a Busy Fan Page Using These 5 Must Do’s to Increase Engagement and Results. – Adele Booth

How to Build a Busy Fan Page Using These 5 Must Do’s to Increase Engagement and Results.

Build a Busy Fan Page using these 5 Components to Increase Engagement and Results.

It’s Essential when using Social Media to focus on building a steady flow of New people that will hit on your page alongside, increasing their Engagement and building Relationships with them.

Why is this important?

NO ONE will know you exist let alone know how you can help them if you don’t get out there and learn how to do this.

What are you presently posting on Social Media and actively doing to attract people to you and what you do?

The more you are consistently posting to your audience, the more likely people will engage on that Social Media platform i.e. Facebook...Facebook will send your posts to more people who are looking for what you have. 

You can pay to Advertise to the right people. have to post the right stuff, in the right words to the right people and actively grow a steady flow of people viewing your page.

How are you going to do that?

It’s not that simple is it?

In short you need to Know What to do, When, Why and How on Social Media.

It’s NOT about paying others to do fancy graphics and write stuff for you. 

The best person for the job is YOU.  You are your business, and the expert.

So Where to start?  

HERE...The 5 MUST DO'S to Build a Thriving Fan Page.


In your Niche, your industry..who is already searching for what you have? - This is your Target Market, the Audience you need to speak to.

This is SUPER Important to understand who this person is so you can take advantage of the Social Media Platform tools and make it work for you.

When you Post or Write an Ad the tools will do the work of finding the right people once you have told them who they are.

These people are your Audience, they will begin to follow you, be your fans and if you do the right steps, they will get to know you and buy from you.

One way to Get a steady flow of people on Facebook is to set up a ‘’Likes Campaign.’’

You will create a post and tell facebook to show that to your target Market.

These people will 'like' your page and then see the posts you post after this...They become footfall like a shop on the high street.

They have a look at what you are doing every now and again or every time you post.

The way you set up your Page is Crucial.


You have literally 6 seconds to get someone's attention and be curious to get them to stay on your page longer.

The 3 things people are thinking about when they hit your fan page or post:

  1. Who are they?
  2. What do they do?
  3. How are they going to help me?

This part is all about Branding YOU…

Branding isn’t all about beautiful images, freedom lifestyles and flash cars…

It’s just about the 3 things: 1. Who are you? 2. What do you do? 3. How are you going to help them?

To help you achieve these ensure that:

  1. You have a real picture of you.
  2. Your Name is clear so you can also see it on Mobile.
  3. Your tagline (what you do) must resonate and connect with your Audience and what they have come to you for.

If you aren’t getting people engaging or liking your page, this takes time and consistency and you may need to start from the beginning... which is here with these components.  

I am always tweaking my profiles as I evolve and learn more. It’s ok to do this.

Your Page is like your BILLBOARD and Where you build your relationships with your audience so they get to ‘’know like and trust you.’’


What you post must be of Value to people. Every time you post think about what they will take away from what you are posting.

Is what you are posting congruent to your brand, what you say and do?

Ensure that you do not confuse your audience. Keep to one niche only on each fan page.

E.g. If you are into health and wellness keep it separate from your makeup page…

Never mix up your products on your will confuse people. These 2 niches are 2 different types of people/ target markets.

Don’t be vague and don’t post for the sake of it.


Mix it up on your page and be consistent. Post when you say you are and do not be flaky… 

Just because nothing is happening after a week doesn’t mean quit NO! Keep going. 

This takes time...Months and months of consistency. You are in it for the long haul.

Some people may prefer Visual stuff and to listen and others like to read. 

You could have blogs, videos, positive quotes, Questions, facebook lives, recorded videos, sharing other people’s content but with permission. Try not to come off the same platform share content facebook to facebook and not Facebook to youtube.


Facebook ''Live Videos'' are the fastest way to get engagement.

''Lives'' also build relationships as people can see that you are real and this builds the ‘’know like and trust’’ factor.

Don’t forget to include a ‘’Call to Action’’ on your post to get people to engage but a word of warning...there are words you need to avoid, do not Bait people...Don’t tell them what to do you can be flagged as a spammer or worse, so do your research on what you can and can not say.


Once you have been consistently posting you can then look at how your posts are doing.

There are tools on the platforms that show you how many people are viewing, new people and what’s popular. 

Get yourself familiar with these so that you can evaluate what people are liking. This will guide you to what people want.

As you are learning new skills and getting confident with writing and speaking online your business will be growing too. This is part of all our journeys.

Strive to be a Problem Solver.

Evaluating means look at what is working, what is not and how you can do things differently 

This is a skill set that will work across every aspect of your business.

I am aware that for some people this is a lot to absorb and can make you feel a bit overwhelmed? 

When I got started I needed further guidance. The best way to work further on these skills is to take advantage of the 10-day complimentary Attraction Marketing Bootcamp.

You can learn with practice: 

  • How to improve your writing skills, 
  • How you write headlines that get people’s attention, 
  • Know how Social Media Works.
  • What systems will help you?

You’ll discover everything that I have covered here, and more, about attracting the right people without chasing anyone, they’ll come to you not the other way round...PLUS

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I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it.

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Wishing you Success in your Life and Business.

Adele Booth


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